Saturday, November 7, 2015


As my friend Penny at Penniless Parenting says, pregnancy is not frugal!

I have so much of what I'll need for the baby already, and what I don't have I can get very cheaply. But the issue here is that at this phase, I'm battling nausea every darn evening. Most of the day, my stomach is completely fine, but at dinner time nearly everything makes me (literally) gag. I've been eating whatever I can manage at dinner time, and carefully ignoring what everyone else is eating. Leftovers have been piling up, and when I open them my stomach rebels.

In the long term, this isn't a big deal. My "evening sickness" usually goes away by the second trimester, and after that I'll be eating garlic and chicken and steak and everything that turns my stomach right now. But... until then it can be tricky feeding the family. Jake has been doing the bulk of the cooking, and I only cook things when I can throw them in the oven and retreat.

Meanwhile, the doctor says baby and I are doing well - good iron levels, good blood pressure, good baby heart rate, due date June 14th.

It's dinner time here. Time for me to snag some ginger ale and choke down bland food!