Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I don't have a huge readership here, but I hope there are enough of you out there who might be interested in this and willing to signal boost.

There is a group called OpenStax College, and they offer college level textbooks for free in pdf form, and for the cost of printing a hardcover version (around $50).

Of course, there is a catch. These books are considered "generic". They're peer reviewed, but open source, which always seems to catch a side-eye reputation, despite many open source solutions being superior to the paid alternatives.

However, if you're a homeschooler looking at upper grade high school materials, these are free, good, and clearly written.

If you are a teacher at the local community college, see if these would work for your courses. Statistically, your students are the ones pinching the pennies hardest - help them save that money for the pricey transfer school!

If you have children in a high school that is struggling to provide textbooks to their students, bring this up at the school board meeting - the print version isn't free, but usually cheaper than McGraw-Hill and Prentice Hall. Or see about getting locked Kindles to download coursebooks? You can currently get a 6 pack of Kindle Fires for $250, and they could hold ALL those free books!

This is a list of the schools currently using at least some of the OpenStax textbooks in their programs. I'm tickled to see Harrisburg Area Community College is one of them!

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  1. Thank you so much for this link! It might be just what I need to refresh my 20+years ago university learning so that I can answer my unschooled boys' (ages 7 and 10) questions when they ask. I had hoped to pick up some used textbooks at a university used bookstore a couple of weeks from now, but this seems much better. I'm looking forward to reading these textbooks!