Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

And what a Merry Christmas it is here!

You know why?

My dear husband is finally employed again! He starts his new job making dehumidifier systems for indoor pools on Jan 4.

It has been long and stressful - after all, he's been out of work since April, and we've been relying on savings, side jobs, and food stamps ever since. We've made it through with $600 still in the savings account, and we had a bit of Christmas money set aside for the kids since January, so while we couldn't give to extended family the way we usually would like, we were at least able to get the kids some nice things for Christmas. That last little bit of savings should keep us going until his first paycheck comes in - I feel like along of Christmas, we should have celebrated Chanuka this year - the savings has lasted a lot longer than logic would say it should have! Of course, between my book sales, very occasional Uber driving, Fivver gigs, and Jake doing construction jobs for friends and family, along with us almost never buying a non-need item or going out to eat (unless family was treating us), we've really stretched dollars from dimes.

We're all relieved here. I mean, it's not like our worries are over - he starts at a low beginning wage, but within 6 months his salary will be close to what he used to make as an electrician. Meanwhile, we've been used to spending nothing except paying bills, so we should manage OK until he starts getting those raises.

Whoo hoo!

If I weren't pregnant, I'd hoist a glass of (cheap) red wine - I can't, so you drink one for me, OK?  ;)


  1. That definitely counts as a very Merry Christmas! YAY!!!

    Congratulations to you and your husband, Kelly!
    We'll keep up the prayers as you head into this new - less stressful - season of life,

  2. I am always happy to raise a glass of red wine for for you your family and just for the heck of it congratulations I'm glad everythings going well