Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Saddle sore

Saturday was beautiful here - in the mid-50's and sunny - and I have a family membership to the local science museum that we got for Christmas. So with the science center being only 4.8 miles away according to Google, and our fair city charging for parking on Saturdays to try and alleviate bankruptcy, it was inevitable that we would HAVE to ride our bikes to the science center!

And truly, the ride was awesome. Catie and Daniel had no trouble at all with either leg of the ride, and Tristan was relaxing in the box bike, so he had no trouble either. I should have been fine with my electric assist, but  I was feeling wimpy - the ride was almost entirely flat - and I didn't want to go faster than the kids could ride. So I mostly pedaled, and I was fine all the way until we dismounted at home.

Pregnant joints are unstable in the best of circumstances, and my muscles weren't used to the exercise. When I woke up Sunday, my legs and rear end hurt so badly that the only way I managed was some Deep Blue muscle rub, reapplied several times through the day! Finally today (Tuesday) I was able to get a soak in Epsom salts, which cleared up the last of the pain. Ugh.

Lesson learned - when pedaling pregnant, don't feel guilty about using any advantage you can get!

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