Saturday, May 2, 2015

Pot calling kettle... which I eat crow over my last post complaining about how OTHER people spend their money.

Because I just spent money on something that I'm sure some of you will find ridiculous.

another bike in almost identical condition. Mine is too deep in the shed to get a picture.

The PPV (People Powered Vehicle), which will probably take the family name of "the big bike" away from my Virtue Schoolbus, is now mine, for the low price of $250.

Why would I buy such a thing? It's big and bulky, heavy and slow. I don't need it in any real sense. And surely we could use the money elsewhere. So why buy it?

Several reasons come to mind. The main reason is that this baby is rare AND underpriced. They only made 5000 of these back in the '70's in reaction to the oil crisis, and comparable ones are listed for $600 on eBay. We can play with this, clean it up, ride it in a few parades, and still sell it at a profit after a few years.

It has a few minor mechanical issues, and one of the terrific Recycle Bicycle volunteers has offered to help me rebuild this mighty beast over the course of a few Sundays. The kids are DYING to take it for a ride. DYING, I tell you.

Also, check out the hood. It's just begging for a classy custom paint job, don't you think? I can't wait to get at it with some acrylic paint and do some gorgeous Celtic knot or something on there. I have to pick some design that will enhance the bike, so when we decide to sell it doesn't reduce its' value. Maybe a Celtic tree of life?

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