Friday, August 28, 2015

Busy busy busy


I haven't forgotten about this little corner of the web, I've just been really busy.

Catie goes back to school on Monday, so there have been the usual preparations. Daniel starts his homeschooling work on Monday too, and we're using a new, more rigorous curriculum this year. I'm excited, but also getting ready to tweak things so he can understand them. Tristan is Tristan - 2 years old, willful, grabby, MINE, MOMMY!, and also the sweetest little guy on two legs. So, clearly the school year will affect him too. This may be the year that he needs "school" to do too, so he doesn't feel left out.

The mighty cargo bike with e-assist is running beautifully. I am well on the way to getting spoiled by the assist - getting across wide, busy roads used to be nerve wracking. Now, with a minor throttle boost, I'm across the street almost as fast as if I had been driving! I try to keep the power use only to when I really need it, like when I'm going uphill, crossing streets, or.... let's be honest - flying down the road just to hear the kids yell "Wheeeeee!"!

Something funny happened a week after the assist was up and working. A mom on the "Less Car, More Go" Facebook group said she was curious about box trikes and other cargo bikes, but she lived in Harrisburg and wasn't sure about how they worked around here. I piped up and said "I ride around Harrisburg in my cargo trike!" As it happens, we live less than a mile apart (!), and I was able to give her a chance to test ride the trike. Now she wants one too! And what's more, another mom in ANOTHER Harrisburg FB group was asking about the Virtue Schoolbus (my trike), and wanted to know if there was anyone in the area who had one she could test ride.

I wonder if I could get a commission out of all this?  ;)

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