Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Part of why I love Aldi

I love Aldi for many reasons - their great prices, the manageable size of their stores (not overwhelming), their gluten free product line, and the quality of their products.

But every so often we get something from Aldi that we just don't like. Maybe it's a bad batch of something we usually like, or it's something new that turned out to be less of a crowd pleaser than I thought. At times like this, I LOVE their "Double Your Money Back" guarantee! They replace your product AND give your money back!

I took advantage of this a few days ago - a batch of gluten free mac-n-cheese that we usually like turned out... well... weird. It tasted like the cheese powder had been replaced with old powdered milk packets. I had 6 boxes of that lot, so I packed up the used and unused boxes and headed off to Aldi. In exchange, I got 6 boxes of GF white cheddar mac-n-cheese AND $7.50, which I used on a package of disposable diapers and wipes for an upcoming day trip - in fact, I still had a dollar left over!

So if you're new to Aldi, don't be shy about trying new things - if they don't work out, you still win!

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