Thursday, April 23, 2015

Earth Day!

I hope you all had a lovely Earth Day.

I wish I could tell you about all the environmentally friendly things I did today, but sadly the most eco-friendly thing I did was put items in the recycling bin.

I MEANT to do all my travel by bike today, to dry my laundry on the line, and to cruise on my cargo bike to see if there were some "treasures" sitting at the curb tonight that I could keep from heading to the landfill (and possibly sell as a side hustle).

What actually happened was we met with some homeschool friends this morning at a playground, which was way too far to bike. The laundry had to go through the dryer, thanks to a sudden early afternoon storm. And I was inexplicably super tired this afternoon, so I ended up crashing on the couch until it was way too dark to troll for trash.

BUT - I do many of those things other days and other weeks. Just because I didn't do them on Earth Day doesn't mean that I'm not helping the earth with my little efforts on other days. And most of my thrifty moves are also eco-friendly, so everybody wins!

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