Sunday, April 12, 2015

Saving, "upgrading", and fixing.

Glorious, warm, sunny weather here in Harrisburg! (About dang time, too! ;)  )

For a few months now, I've been thinking I  needed to replace some of Tristan's diapers. Not with anything fancy, mind you - it's just that some of the prefolds were going to shreds in the washer. It seemed like every third load would destroy another one, reducing it to rag status. True, these were "rag" diapers to begin with - retired diaper service diapers - but they had held up for about a year in my rotation. They clearly weren't going to last much longer, the rest of my diaper stash is for smaller babies, and Tristan is resisting potty training right now; I needed to find replacements.

My preference would have been to order some toddler sized prefolds and a few bigger covers (everyone who sees him says "wow, he's tall for two!" and it must be true - the one sized covers are starting to show plumbers crack!) but at $40 a dozen for Cloth-eez prefolds and $12 - $18 for covers, I hesitated.

Then on Friday, I got an email from Om Baby - their annual Mom 2 Mom sale (sort of a swap meet) was happening this Saturday morning! Since Om Baby caters to the naturally minded mamas, I was sure I'd find a few diapers to pad out my stash.

I did! Boy, did I! Everything in that picture (plus a diaper being worn at the time) cost me $10.75!

I went early in the morning to get the best selection, and found so many good deals that I felt too guilty to buy them all myself - I didn't want to be a hog! I mean, what if another mom really needed those diapers too? So I bought a bunch, then went back at closing time and got some of what was left - I needn't have worried - apparently I was the only one psyched about these diapers.  ;)

I got 5 of these XL Bumkins AIOs for $1 each
5 of these Nikki training pants for 0.25 each!!!! (I LOVE these, BTW. Very absorbent, waterproof, and easy to pull up and down. And originally they would have cost $30 EACH. Granted, that would have been 3 kids ago for these pairs, but they're in super shape.)
10 prefolds for $.50 each (those covers were freebies)

2 inserts for $.50
And 6 Kushies AIO Toddler size from the free box.

Yes, they're in "rough" shape. The elastic is shot in many of the AIOs, and some of them need some repair to the fabric on the inside. But they totally meet my current needs, and I can fix them to last at least until Tristan graduates to full time potty use.

Now, if you'll excuse me, my bike is calling to me!

Ding ding!

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  1. Good find! Sometimes God is extra kind when he knows we really NEED something. I used cloth diapers back in the dark ages and would again if ever needed. So much more environmentally friendly.