Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Back to School bargains begin!

I know, it's not even August yet! But the office supply stores are bringing the bargains NOW - and there are deals to be had, whether or not your school sent out the supply list yet.

Office Max/Depot has a rotating bargain list that offers 3 items a week for a penny each, as long as you spend $5. This week is 3"x5" index cards, a 10 pack of basic ball point pens, and bottles of white glue. I don't care what school or grade you're in, those are good things to have around the house! If you have trouble getting to the $5 amount, I suggest getting a ream of printer paper for $6 - it's not like you won't use it!

Staples is hedging their bets - they are guaranteeing the lowest price on supplies by 110% this year. Right now the ubiquitous 24 pack of Crayola crayons are $.50 there, and a 12 pack of Crayola colored pencils are $.97, but hold onto the receipt - if Walmart decides to undercut that price, Staples will refund the difference! Of course, the guarantee doesn't apply to store brands, so shop wisely.

Staples is also offering 70 page spiral notebooks for 25 cents each (limit 30), pocket folders with or without 3 hole prongs for 15 cents (limit 30), wooden rulers for 35 cents, 12 packs of pencils for 68 cents, and 4 packs of glue sticks for $1.

If you want to get all the shopping done quickly, I'd hit Staples for the paper and writing products. If you don't mind picking things up in bits and pieces, keep watching the Office Max deals - you may not find everything you need right away, but it's never a bad idea to stockpile crayons and glue if you have kids.

As a half homeschooling, half private school family, we get a lot of benefit from the items that are on sale but are not on my "school" kids list. The notebooks make great writing journals, and the folders are super for containing projects and lapbooks. Tristan has decided he loves to color too, so extra crayons are a necessity here.

Our printer is pooping out lately, and I'm considering watching the sales for a good deal on a printer. We print a LOT here, and Catie is doing more and more computer based projects that need to be printed. The trouble is I've fallen for the cheap printer thing before, and the replacement ink cartridges cost more than the printer - it would have made more sense to buy 4 printers just to have the backup ink! I'll keep you posted.

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