Monday, July 27, 2015

Raining? No, it's pouring. But we have an umbrella.

Last week, during one of the hottest weeks of the summer so far, the air conditioning in my van ran out of coolant. Or maybe something else broke on it, I'm not sure - we can't get it fixed just yet anyway.

This morning I went to the dryer to unload the diapers and training pants, only to find that they were still pretty wet. I had noticed they were still damp yesterday when I went to remove them, so I put them in for another cycle then - dampness this morning means the dryer isn't heating up.

Our brand new couch is sagging in the corner, looking as though part of the frame just gave up.

I'm not panicking right now, because I'm pulling a Pollyanna-ish "I'm glad!" act.

I'm GLAD that I have a clothesline and several folding drying racks, and that our dryer is only about 3 years old and may still be under warranty.

I'm GLAD that the couch is likewise under warranty - 5 years, no questions.

I'm GLAD that the vans electric powered windows work, and the blowers can still move the semi-fresh air around the inside of the van. And that the van still runs safely and well.

I'm GLAD that even though our income is minimal right now, Jake and I have ways of boosting it - Jake is doing fix-it jobs for friends and family, I can pick up a massage gig here and there, my book is bringing in a steady trickle of income (really not a lot - about $40 this month - but money is money), and once the A/C is repaired I can drive for Uber again to bring in a few extra bucks. Food and medical are covered via the state right now. I'm not thrilled about that, but it's helping a lot. We still have some savings to cover our bills.

I'm GLAD that Jake isn't just sitting around, waiting for a job. At last count he had over 150 resumes and applications out.

I'm GLAD that should I need to, I have enough marketable skills to get an OK job. Not a great one, but we would be OK on that - we haven't come to that decision to send me back to work yet, but we'll see how the next few months go.

I'm GLAD that despite all this, we still have the resources to make a (gluten free) lasagna for a friend who's baby is in the hospital, and to deliver it to her family.

We will get through this.

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