Thursday, January 21, 2016

Five frugal things (theme borrowed from Non-Consumer Advocate)

Some of these things are obvious thrifty things, others take a little explanation about why they're thrifty. Either way, five thrifty things!

1) I tackled my kitchen in the decluttering process yesterday, and threw out some expired food and put a bunch of cookware in the yard sale stack. That cleared cabinet space so I could see and use the things that I actually enjoy, and made room so I could put my crock pot in a cabinet, rather than having it live year-round on the counter top!

2) Amazon was offering a limited time deal where you could send back your old model Kindle for credit. I had an older reading-only Kindle that worked, but the charge ran out quickly, so my husband bought me a new one for Christmas. I sent the old one in today, and if all goes well I'll have a $30 Amazon credit coming to me!

3) I returned my library books today, a day BEFORE they were due! We're supposed to have a blizzard hit tomorrow afternoon, so doing this now will save me a few dollars, considering the number of books I had to return. (I had already renewed them once, so it was time to send them back).

4) We went to see a group of homeschool friends today in a church hall this morning, and forgot to bring snacks. Rather than stop somewhere on the way home, we came home and ate lunch. Daniel is getting pretty good at cooking boxed mac-n-cheese!

5) Since it's been so cold lately, we've been using our wood stove to heat the whole house. I even dried 2 loads of laundry on racks in front of the fire, both getting the clothes dry and adding much needed humidity to the air.

What have you done that's thrifty lately?

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  1. Hi Kelly!
    I recently bought your ebook, Hard Core Poor and enjoyed it very much. From digging around here on the blog, I can see that you and I have a lot in common! I was too a single mom who had to live on little, then remarried to a wonderful guy and had more kids. I now blog about frugality (among other things) and am also a homeschooling mom.

    I recently embarked on a No Spend Summer and am embracing radical frugality again to help save up a down payment for our first home. I am writing about it here:
    I would love for you to stop by and say hi. :-)