Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Big Dig

In case you haven't heard, my area (Harrisburg, PA) just had a record setting blizzard yesterday. Seriously - the OFFICIAL number was something like 30.2 inches over 24 hours, and there were areas that had more than that.

Today was clear and sunny, and not too cold - perfect for finding our cars under that pile. And really, it could have been worse - it was a light, fluffy snow, not heavy, wet stuff. But the sheer volume was ridiculous. I kept looking out the windows on Saturday as the snow fell, chuckling quietly at the absurdity of it all. With this amount of snow, no one gets a free pass. Jake did most of the driveway himself, the big kids had the front sidewalk, and I helped wherever I could (even though Jake and our neighbors kept telling me to take it easy). Tristan was out playing all around us. The deep snow had the added benefit of making sure he stayed nearby, since he frankly couldn't get far!

This was from our front door - can you see our neighbors car?
Our van from the back deck.
My parents had it even worse - they were in the area that got a solid 3 feet of snow - but their neighbors finished their pavement first and came to the rescue with snowblowers.

Like I said, this is a new record setter - some of us locals like to talk about the blizzards of '93 or '96, both notable, but this is one that my own kids will look back on and say "you think THIS is deep? You should have seen Jonas in '16!"

We're all dug out now, and we never lost power. We had our wood stove burning all along, so we've avoided having to dig out the dryer vent by line drying by the fire. The only thing that has me worried is some weather forecasters are talking about another potential snow storm on Thursday night. One Big Dig in a week is plenty - two is just painful!

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