Thursday, January 28, 2016

Stinky solutions!

Warning - personal hygiene post!

OK, when I was 18 I had a cyst in one underarm. No huge deal, it had to be lanced and drained, but the after effects have been challenging. The incision site would collect solid deodorant, allowing it to sit in a pocket under the skin and cause irritation.

Gross, right?

So I switched to gel and roll-on deodorants.

And then I started reading about how antiperspirants aren't that great for your health - deodorants are fine, but don't block the pores. And I started noticing how my underarms felt sticky and smothered when I used regular deodorant, like the skin couldn't breathe.

So I started making my own deodorant out of baking soda, cornstarch, coconut oil, and essential oils. And to be frank, it didn't work. It was messy, clumpy, and something about my body chemistry made the deodorant stink when I put it on.

So I didn't know what to do. I bought a salt-based scented roll-on, and that made me smell even weirder, but at least I didn't smell like B.O, so I used it and gagged every time I raised my arms. More often I just tried (and failed) to keep clean and non-stinky without deodorants, only to be called out on it by Jake when I'd go to hug him.

Finally, I broke down and bought the solid rock salt Crystal deodorant. I'd tried it many years ago and hadn't liked it, but I was using it like my standard deodorant, which you can't do with the Crystal. The way it works, you have to wash yourself well, then get the Crystal wet and rub it all over the underarm area where the stinky bacteria might live. (When I was young, I'd just notice that I wasn't smelling great, and apply. Doesn't work that way!) The salt kills off the bacteria so while you do sweat, it doesn't have that stench to it. I bought mine at CVS, but it's available just about anywhere. 

I've been trying it out for a few days, and according to my brave 10 year old boy who stuck his face right IN my armpit, I don't stink. I don't smell like something fancy, either - I just smell like me. My underarms don't itch or feel weird, my incision site is fine, and no stink.

Not bad. And the Crystal is supposed to last a full year of regular use - at $7 per rock, that's pretty thrifty! I hope it works as well in the heat of the summer!

Edited - I gave in and started using standard deodorant again - the salt crystal was letting me down mid-day, and I was starting to stink. I keep going back to it every few days, but I think my pregnant chemistry is doing me in here. I smelled weird on standard deodorant during the last pregnancy too - maybe it will work better after the baby comes.

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