Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A boost for your New Years Resolutions!

I honestly don't know what to resolve to do this year. Be a better mom, get organized, yell less, do more hands on projects (but keep the house cleaner), write more, ride bikes more than driving, all that jazz.

But if you're resolving to save money and get out of debt this year, my book, Hard Core Poor, will be FREE for Kindle on Jan 1st and 2nd. This will be the last time I will be able to offer my book for free for a long time, so if you're in some tight times and could use the information in this book, now is your chance to get it free!

My friend "Penny" at Penniless Parenting has been scolding me for giving my book away - she wants me to make money on it (so do I!) - so lemme 'splain. When you sign up with Kindle Select, you're given 5 free promo days in your 90 day contract to help you boost your visibility. The Amazon algorithm is set up so that the more people download the book, the higher it appears on the list of books for that topic. In the vast digital marketplace that is Amazon, any signal boost is a good thing. That's why I don't mind if you download it while it's free - you're advertising for me when you do!

If you miss the promotion, I've really worked hard to keep the price low so that the people who need this information the most could still afford it, and those who would enjoy it can afford to buy a stack and give them away to friends!

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