Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas, almost.

We're almost there now. And of course, because it's almost Christmas, all of us are fighting some kind of illness. I just got my voice back, and I'm still very congested and gooey-headed. Daniel had a stomach virus. Catie has been so stuffed up she sounds like Steve Urkel. And last night Tristan developed a fever.

I hate fevers in children, mostly because I've leaned in recent years that I'm supposed to counter every early teaching and instinct, and let the fever burn. I HATE letting the fever burn. I want to give them medicine so they feel better. And I had a nasty scare with Catie when she was 4 and had pneumonia - her only overt symptom was a 105 degree fever. But the fever has a purpose - it's the body regulating and killing off the germs - and the scare stories of burning off brain cells have turned out to be mostly inaccurate.

So, no medicine, and popsicles for breakfast for the sickie. As long as he doesn't seem severely ill, I can just let him rest.

Meanwhile, the tree is decorated, the lights are up outside (for the first time since we've lived here), presents are piled under the tree, and lots of fixings for Christmas foods line the cupboards. I just need to bake the pies and cookies (gluten free, so Catie and I can eat them) and pray that everyone is well by Christmas morning.

Does your family have a sick-for-Christmas problem?

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