Saturday, December 13, 2014

Balaclavas, or what cyclists call ski masks

Seriously. They call ski masks balaclavas? OK, if I want to be one of the real cyclists, I guess I have to fit in!

It's been getting pretty dang cold here.

I've been reluctant to ride bikes lately - in fact, we haven't had the bike out since we went flat on our trip to the Capitol that never was. I keep meaning to get some spare tubes so I can ride with peace of mind again, but the other thing that's been holding me back is the icy wind in my face.

A store bought fleece balaclava can cost $20 each, and to ride with the kids, they really should have one each too. After fretting about this for a little bit, I realized I was being silly! I could sew some easily enough, for very little money.

Fleece is currently 50% off at JoAnn Fabrics - already a nice deal. But for small projects like this, I like to check out the remnant bin - those fabrics are another 50% off whatever the current price may be. I got some blue and some black fleece lengths for about $4.15.

Then I searched around online for a pattern - this one is nice, but make sure it prints out to scale on your printer. I already had a 50 yd spool of fold over elastic that I had scored at PA Fabric Outlet for $2, so I used that to go around the eye holes. I didn't bother finishing the neckline, since fleece doesn't fray, but I should do that soon to make it look more nice.

The result? Cozy faces!

Somewhat mysterious cozy faces.

I've made 4, but one turned out too small even for Tristan. I still have enough material to make more - that's less than a dollar a balaclava, which is an awesome savings!

Now I have one less excuse to to skip riding!

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