Friday, December 5, 2014

Alternatives to the diaper sprayer!

Because I have little kids, sometimes this blog veers into scatological talk. This is one of those times.

If you're cloth diapering, eventually (or immediately) the question will arise - what do you do with the poop?

You flush it!

How? OK, I'll give a few more details.

When a baby is very little and not eating solids yet, the poop is no big deal. It dissolves in the wash cycle without any extra steps. But when your baby starts eating solid food, the poop has more of a peanut butter lumpy consistency. Most people will tell you to get a diaper/bidet sprayer that hooks up to your toilet supply line, and I have to admit they're great. They really are effective at getting the poop off the diaper. But they cost between $30 and $60, and you have to install them, which can lead to plumbing leaks if you're not careful.

So I present, as an alternative - the sports bottle diaper sprayer!

Shout out to Iron City Bikes for the water bottle. I'm so sorry about what I'm going to do to it.

I put a good sized glob of peanut butter on the diaper here, and smushed it in a little bit. It's a pretty good imitation of how bigger baby poop acts on a diaper. (Maybe you shouldn't read this before lunch.)
And then I took it to the toilet.
and squirt a little more...
There it goes!

So if you can't install a sprayer for any reason, you still don't have to dunk n' swish diapers in the toilet. (It doesn't really work that well in newer toilets, anyway - the water level is too low.) You can still get poop off your diaper without having to buy liners or other recurring costs. You can find sports bottles at every thrift store in the country for less than a dollar, and if you spend enough at a bike shop sometimes they give you a free one!

Do you have tricks on how to get poop off of cloth diapers?

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Do you have any tips for poop removal you'd like to share? Comment below!

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