Thursday, December 4, 2014

Zipper fix

Tristan outgrew his coat, so I got him a "new" one - I spent $12 at a children's resale shop and got him a nice warm OshKosh coat.

But as I was unzipping it today, the hasp that holds the zipper pull just crumbled away. Not the pull part - the part that holds the pull to the zipper head.

That sort of brass-ish looking bar - fell right off. (This is a different zipper, to give you the idea.)

If the pull had fallen off, it would have been no big deal. I know a thousand replacements that could take the place of a pull. But the hasp? I was really bummed out - it's a great coat, it should fit him through next winter, and I hated to ditch it for the sake of a zipper. Some people would sew a new zipper in, but I can not overstate how much I dislike replacing zippers. I'd rather chew tin foil.

So I looked at it closely. The broken hasp had left two little protrusions at the top and bottom. Just enough to wrap with thick thread.
I had this left over from fixing an awning. I began feeding the thread through the pull, and wrapping it around the little protrusions and tying, over and over until it wouldn't hold any more thread.

then I added a few drops of Gorilla Glue to secure the thread at the ends.
After a few minutes, it looked like this.

A little ugly, but solid! And I kept wiggling the pull so it wouldn't get stuck in one position.

So I saved a nice coat (at least for now) and I won't have to hunt for another one!

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