Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Constant vigilance.

Does this cherubic blond, blue eyed angel strike fear into your heart?

There's a reason that the clearest photo is the one where he's strapped into the bike. The kid is a living blur.

My husband's SUV has a running board and a piece of decorative trim about halfway up the door. He had it parked with the windows down a few days ago with Tristan playing outside next to it, and we turned around just in time to see his little rear end and legs dangling out of the window. He climbs everything - I'm always pulling him off windowsills, end tables, his brothers' loft bed.

Today he managed to dump half a jar of steel cut oats on the kitchen floor. While I was getting the broom to clean that up, he dumped a bowl of cereal (with milk) all over his lap, chair, and the floor underneath. This is where older kids come in handy - I had Catie change his clothes while I cleaned up the mess.

It's a good thing he's a super sweet lovey boy! He's saying 5 and 6 word sentences, loves to snuggle, and cracks us up continually. It's the trade off for constant vigilance.

Constant. Vigilance.

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