Friday, June 26, 2015

Delayed vacation post

I was too "in the moment" to get any shots of the grownups on this trip to Kennywood. It's a family tradition a few years running that we take my parents to my dad's favorite park on Father's Day weekend, which usually coincides with Daniel's birthday. It didn't this year, but we still had fun, and it was cheaper than usual. Why?

Last year we had a wonderful trip, but I noticed some things that made this on-the-national-historic-register-park look... shabby. Like CRT TV monitors hanging heavily over the lines for rides, without being turned on and the weatherproof cases looking rusted and worn. Things like that. So I wrote an email to the park management, saying how much we love Kennywood, but those details make the park look like it can't afford basic upkeep - either turn the monitors on or take them down.

I hit send and went on with my life, thinking that nothing would come of it.

Then a few days later, the freaking CEO CALLED ME. DIRECTLY. And told me I was absolutely right, he'd get right on fixing it, and he would love to have my family back as his guests the next time we came to town! So we got free tickets - pretty sweet, and unexpected. I wouldn't expect this to work with many parks, but Kennywood is special in many ways.

(BTW, they still need to fix a few of those issues, but they've been launching some new stuff in recent years - they'll probably have it all fixed up by the end of this summer.)

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