Sunday, June 14, 2015

Driving Miss Drunk-y

I got my first two Uber fares the other evening! There was a wine tasting festival two miles up the road from my house, and apparently the prime Uber using demographic is well-to-do, tech savvy people who want to get good and blitzed without worrying about DUIs. A wine festival was prime for that demographic!

It's remarkably easy, kinda fun, and fairly lucrative for driving people home after a few glasses of wine. After all, I've done that for free before!

Of course, there's a hitch. We had some repairs done on the van last week at a total of $450, and the mechanic said that we MIGHT need to have another $400 repair done - he wasn't sure if it was an old code on the car computer or a current one. He said there would be a few warning signs if the code was accurate, and those signs started popping up after I dropped off my second fare. And since the van gets the best gas mileage, we want to have it repaired before we head to Pittsburgh next weekend. Hopefully I can pick up some extra driving gigs after the repairs are done to replenish our dwindling emergency/living fund.

And hey - if you want to take an Uber ride and you don't have an account yet, use the code b9wb7ue to get $20 off your first ride. (I get $5 out of you using the code, so we all win!)

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