Sunday, January 11, 2015

Book price changing - please read.

Suze Ormond often talks about people - women in particular - putting themselves "on sale". That is, offering their services or products for less than the competitors, sometimes in an effort to get more customers, but more often because subconsciously, they believe they don't deserve to charge the same as the other guys. The reasons are often nice-sounding - "I want to give this client a break, they're so sweet", "I haven't been doing it as long as that other guy - of course I should charge less", but they all boil down to the same thing - charging less than they should for their work.

I've been struggling with this since I launched my book. I wanted to make sure my book was affordable, but I also wanted to make a small profit. When I first launched the book, the minimum price I was able to set was lower, giving me a higher profit margin. Apparently some hidden cost increased right after I launched, and it reduced my profit margin from each sale. Ever since, I've been struggling with the idea that the price was wrong, but not knowing if I should change it. There were reasons in my head like "I want people who are struggling to be able to afford my book", and "if people see that I raised the price, they're going to think I'm greedy and arrogant".

But the biggest reason of all? "I don't think I deserve to raise the price because this is a self published book, and I didn't 'pay my dues', get rejected a bunch, and finally get a deal with a big publisher". Which took me a while to admit to myself.

So I talked with some very supportive friends about this, prayed over it, and did a little research. A non-fiction book, as long as mine, in the print size that I used, would not be overpriced at $9.99. I did take a few requests to heart, most noticeably adding a Table of Contents, but otherwise it's still the same content. The Kindle version will stay at $3.99 (and free if you buy the print book or are a member of Kindle Unlimited).

If you still want to get a print copy and the price increase is a problem for you, use this link and enter the code Q7QRAE5N for $2 off the purchase price, bringing the price back down to $7.99. Share the code with as many people as you like - I'll give plenty of notice before it expires!

I hope this post will not only explain why the price has changed, but will encourage some of you who may be putting yourselves "on sale" to charge what you're worth!

tl;dr version - My book is worth an extra $2 per copy, but I'll deduct that if you buy it this way and use the code Q7QRAE5N .

Edit - the prices just went live today, and Amazon has decided to offer a discount of their own on the paper copy - it's marked down to $7.38 right now! So you all still get to enjoy the lower prices no matter which link you choose!

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