Monday, January 26, 2015

More snow

It's not exactly a snowpocolypse right now. We've had an inch or two fall, but we're supposed to get another 4 inches by tomorrow morning.

I know Catie is thrilled - snow that starts on a Sunday night is the ultimate snow day timing. The thing is... remember listening to the radio or watching the TV banner crawl, waiting to see your school district pop up so you could go back to bed? We don't do that anymore. Instead, the school district sends out a robo-call on EVERY NUMBER that the school has for you at 5:30 AM, letting you know if there's a delay or closing.

And that IS nice. Alarming, and early, but nice. Because when I hear EVERY PHONE IN THE HOUSE ring (2 cell phones and a "landline" VoIP) at 5:30 AM, I know right away that I only have to focus hard enough to figure out if it's a 2 hour delay or a closing, and then go back to sleep. If I can slow my heart rate back down, that is, because hearing EVERY PHONE IN THE HOUSE ring at 5:30 makes me a little jumpy.

And I have a feeling that I'll be hearing all those phones ring again tomorrow morning, because the snow is supposed to continue into late tonight and tomorrow morning.

Daniel is less thrilled, since homeschooling days off are dictated more by sick moms or kids, or if the weather is too beautiful to stay indoors. So he plugged through his work and is mostly done at 11 AM.

Oh, and Catie? She's working on her National History Day project - she aced her school level and is moving to to regionals, so she needs to polish it up a little for the next level. She's less thrilled now than she was earlier.  :)  I'm such an awful mom, aren't I?

Thrifty stuff - we have a fire going in the wood stove to reduce our heating bill, I made a big stack of pancakes for breakfast (which we ate with an orange each, to try to keep the fruit intake up), and we're keeping Netflix busy for the benefit of Tristan, who's sick AGAIN. It's cheaper than renting videos.

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