Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cleaning in the sunshine

It was sunny today!

Picture me dancing like Snoopy.

Tristan wasn't as clingy today, we slept better than the previous few nights, and all the sun got me motivated.

I am totally going to brag - I did All The Laundry. Everything in the hampers, anyway - I didn't do anything crazy like strip the beds. And get this - everything is PUT AWAY. You organized types, I know you don't get it, but everyone who has dressed out of a laundry basket 4 days a week knows what I mean. This was a big deal.

And I vacuumed my bedroom - not just the carpet, either. I got out the extensions and cleaned under and behind the dressers, vacuumed the curtains, decluttered my dresser, wiped the dust off surfaces - the amount of dust that came out of my bedroom HORRIFIED me. Especially when I realize that there's more to clean in there under the bed. I can breathe a little easier now in my room though - and since Tristan still sleeps in our room, I feel like he'll heal a little faster breathing cleaner air.

I'm hoping for more sunny weather tomorrow - the living room really needs a good clean/purge, and I plan on giving the dining room a good clean-up. It's not easy, because we spend most of our homeschooling day in the dining room, and the living room is where Tristan plays most of the day. That's what makes it such a mess, and what makes it so critical that I clean it tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

P.S. - All day, Tristan refused almost everything I offered to eat and drink, only wanting to nurse. I finally gave up, only to turn around and see him munching my gluten free pretzels and drinking my iced tea once I left him alone. Apparently if I OFFER it, it's no good. Everything tastes better when it's been poached under the nose of your mama.

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