Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dvorak - an experiment

As research for an upcoming article I'm pitching, I've switched the layout of my keyboard from QWERTY to Simplified Dvorak.

This is day 3. I don't think I've typed this slowly since fourth grade. My fingers, though never exactly GOOD at standard typing, are stuttering over this new layout. The worst part for a "cheater" typist like me (because I'm used to looking at my fingers) is I don't have my key relabeler stickers yet. I have to use a printed guide to help me through the sticky spots.

Maybe it's a good thing - I'm breaking a lifelong habit of staring at the keyboard. But I feel like a moron typing this way.

Any engineers or other sufficiently nerdy people ever heard of Dvorak, and the relative benefits related to typing this way? What are your thoughts? Worth learning, or waste of time?

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