Monday, March 23, 2015

Shopping from the pantry

I was baking some gluten-free goodies this week, and I used up my Xanthan Gum (something that helps gluten-free baked goods hold together). But at the worst possible time! Because I was planning to make my famous pizza that night, and my crust falls apart without xanthan gum.

I was bummed, because that meant an impromptu store trip, and extra money spent when I really didn't want to spend extra cash. But we did need it, so I went to Jake to ask him to watch the kids while I ran to the store for xanthan gum, and he said "Don't we have some in our long-term food storage?".

YES! The long term food storage! And that xanthan gum costs less to replace than the brand at the store - but of course, this is already bought and paid for, so that makes it the cheapest of all. So I dug out the xanthan gum, and pizza night was saved!

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