Thursday, March 19, 2015

Whoo hooo!!!!!

Great news, everyone! Jake has a job! Thank you for all your prayers - we're so grateful.

Details - he'll be back to working construction - he's been doing maintenance electrical work for the last two years, and found it dull. He likes construction better - it's more physical, but also more creative. His pay will be slightly lower for the first three months, but after that should match his previous salary. They're even talking about grooming him to run small crews as a team leader/foreman!

We won't have to file unemployment, since he's only been off a week. Ditto all the other programs we won't have to file with, which is a load off - I hate all that paperwork.

This is such a boost for Jake - he was starting to feel pretty low with this layoff. When he used to be laid off with the union, he wasn't allowed to look for non-union work unless he wanted to get off the work list, and that was unnerving. He knew he would eventually get work with the union - it might take a long time, but it was a sure thing. When he got the last job, it technically didn't conflict with the union, since the union only handles construction - not maintenance. So he did an "honorable withdrawal" of his union card, which allowed him to look for non-union work unless he wanted to pay dues and rejoin - I'm SO glad now that he didn't try to rejoin! He now knows he can get work in his field all on his own, no union needed, and he'll be part of a real team environment instead of being an interchangeable electrician on a list.

So, payoff plans are still in place for our debts, but we're not feeling as desperate as we were a week ago. Our plan (because we didn't do it yet) to use our savings to eliminate our credit card is on hold, since Jake wants to use that money for the construction of the new bedroom. We'll keep up the frugal activities, just as a security measure - I don't feel safe with all this debt hanging over our heads, and won't feel totally safe until it's much lower or gone.

But the scariest part is over, thanks be to God!


  1. Congratulations! Now go enjoy something free and fun to celebrate! :)