Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pharmacy phun

The weather is absolute crap here again. We had an ice storm yesterday, and today we could get anywhere between 1 to 8 inches of snow (none of the weather reporters can agree on how much).

This is no time to run out of your prescriptions. But that's exactly what I did - I took my last dose last night, and immediately knew I would be in for it if the roads were bad today. Usually I fill my prescriptions at Target (about 8 miles by highway) or Giant (3 miles on a busy, hilly road), but with the sky slop covering the roads, and the way people drive like it's a dry, sunny day in inch thick ice, I didn't feel safe driving either place.

Thanks to Google, I found a little mom and pop pharmacy only a mile down a flat road - in fact, I often pass it on bike rides, but I never stopped in before. I figured I could skate over there safely enough in the van, get my meds, and if I didn't like the place I didn't have to go back.

I'm going back.

The pharmacist was pleasant and helpful, he filled my script in 10 minutes flat, and it cost the same as Target. He was genuinely grateful to have a new customer, and it's so close that I can easily bike there. Frankly, Target doesn't need my business as much as they do. And switching means one less errand that HAS to be done by car - it can be a fair-weather pleasure trip by bike! In weather like this, it's not as much of a scary prospect to get there and back by car. And because it's NOT Target, we don't get sucked into buying things we don't need, just because we're there.

He didn't have any lollipops, but we won't hold that against him.  :)

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